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79B Scarborough St

Southport QLD 4215


07 5571 0381


07 5571 0334




The SS program is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to support migrants and refugees arriving to Australia for the first five years in the country.


Settlement Services include:



  • Search to find suitable Accommodation

  • Assisting with Documentation and applying for Rental Accommodation

  • Facilitating communication with Real Estate and other Service Providers

  • Helping to connect services such as Internet and Electricity


Orientation programs and Workshops about

  • Immigration

  • Mental Health

  • Health and Infection Control

  • Police and Enforcement

  • Domestic Violence

  • Medicare and Pharmacy Services

  • Centrelink Services

  • English Conversational Classes



  • Assisting with personal resume

  • Documentation


Immigration Assistance (provided by registered agent, free of charge)

  • Search for Visas eligibilities

  • My Immi Account setting

  • Documentation


Financial Guidance

  • Internet banking

  • Assisting with Payment Plan

  • Payments through Centrelink’s CentrePay program

  • Bills related to Phone, Internet and Electricity


Health and Family

  • Assisting clients to find Bilingual Practitioners to meet their need(s)

  • Documentation and Referrals

  • Booking Appointments