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Arts & Culture

At MFO we believe that art is a powerful form of communication that touches the deepest part of our soul and is the perfect vehicle to deliver a strong message of unity and oneness in our community on the Gold Coast. Arts and cultural projects also provide a fantastic means to promote the positive impacts of diversity and greatly enrich our city while providing opportunities for our CALD community to express themselves through creative means.

Over the past 25 years, MFO has coordinated a number of arts and cultural projects including cultural festivals, arts and crafts projects and various exhibitions and musical events. 

We also support diverse, local artists by assisting them to learn business skills, building their networks and linking them to other artists or organisations for support.

MFO currently facilitates the International Women’s Arts and Crafts group in partnership with GC MAGIC and collaborates with various arts groups, artists and arts and cultural organisations to deliver innovative and impactful projects that celebrate the colorful diversity of our beautiful city.

For more information about MFO's arts and cultural projects please contact Rana at MFO. 


Masked Exhibition during Queensland Women's Week - Project funded by the City of Gold Coast

The Multicultural Quilt Project by MFO


One Million Starts to End Violence star weaving workshop with artist Maryann Talia Pau at the Gold Coast Mosque with special guest Rosie Dennis from Placemakers* Gold Coast. 


Reality in Mosob - artistic work by our client Asmeret Kesete about her experiences as a refugee from Eritrea. 


Water color workshop with our local Egyptian artist Mai Samir


MFO staff Rana and Renata at the opening of the Bleach* Festival 2020 with Claire Carlin, Samira El Koussa and Gretta Kelly. 

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